How do I prepare the tracks before sending ?

a. Listen well to the tracks, to ensure there are no unwanted noises.
b. Avoid stereo bassline effects.
c. Ensure that the levels do not exceed 0 dB (Not in the red !).
d. List the play order of your tracks !
e. Prepare your tracks in either .wave or .aiff format for the best results !

Can I submit mp3 recordings ?

→ Yes, but it is advisible that their samplerate is min. 256 kb/s.

Can I use the Vinyl for scratching ?

→ Yes you can !

How much playtime is available on each side ?

→ Up to 8 minutes per side, on a 12″ Maxi Single 45 rpm
→ Up to 12 minutes per side, on a 12″ EP 33 rpm
→ Up to 30 minutes per side, on a 12″ LP 33 rpm
→ Up to 6 minutes per side, on a 7″ Maxi Single 45 rpm

Does sound quality diminish the more a record is played ?

Tests have proved these discs can be played hundreds of times without quality loss !
However all depends on stylus quality, pressure settings, dust etc…
(We provide a record cleaning service in case of any reduction in sound quality caused by dust, grease etc).